PE-20X Plasma Expressor

Details :

  • Mechanical Accessory for Transferring of Plasma to the satellite bags.
  • Suitable to extract blood components (Plasma and platelets) from all types of Blood Bag systems available in the market.
  • Front panel spring loaded o exert uniform pressure on plastic blood bags for transfer of blood components.
  • Compression plate made of durable transparent acrylic material 8 mm thick.
  • Metal used for equipment non-corrosive and can be cleaned with disinfectant.
  • Base and vertical portion of the equipment body powder coated and sturdy enough to hold the blood bags in vertical position.
  • Compartment provided at the back to contain satellite bags.
    Storage Box built in to contain clips & other accessories.
  • Light embedded in the acrylic plate to ensure a view of complete transfer of plasma (Optional).


Weight 2.5 kg.
Plasma Expressor (PE-20X) Manual / Electronic AC 220 Volts Operated (PE-30X).
Mode of operation PE-20X Manual & PE-30X (Electronic).
Modal PE-20X
Condition New
Warranty 6 Month