Latest Products Latest Products Fri, 26 Apr 2019 11:23:01 +0530 en-us Blood Bag Storage Cassettes Wed, 24 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0530 We are engaged in the provision of a high quality range of Blood Bag Storage Cassettes. These Blood Bag Storage Cassettes are used to store blood bags in a safe and efficient manner. The Blood Bag Storage Cassettes, provided by us, are available in proper color-coded designs so that segregation of various samples becomes convenient. We provide Blood Bag Storage Cassettes as additional accessories in our range of Blood Bank Equipment. Highlights Available in a wide range of colors Made of durable material Available in various sizes Low maintenance Electronic Counter Balance Wed, 24 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0530 We are engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of a very efficient Electronic Counter Balance. An Electronic Counter Balance is used for the accurate measurement of blood. The Electronic Counter Balance, provided by us, runs on electricity and is very efficient. We provide several helpful features in our range of Electronic Counter Balance. Details Two buckets measures separately Weight measure up to 2500 gm. (accuracy +2gms) One LCD graphical display Balanced weight Audio & Visual alarm Built in taring switch Built in calibration port Highlights Two Buckets measures separately weight measure upto 2500 gms. (accuracy + 2gms.) One LCD graphical display balanced weight audio & visual alarm Taring switch built in Calibration port built in Blood Bank Refrigerator Wed, 24 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0530 The company is a very reliable Manufacturer and Supplier of Blood Bank Refrigerator. The range of Blood Bank Refrigerator available with us is utilized in the maintenance of temperature of donated blood at required levels. The use of a Blood Bank Refrigerator makes blood worthy of use for longer durations. We provide Blood Bank Refrigerator in many sizes and specifications. Highlights Adjustable & extendable drawers with plastic trays (optional) for blood storage Uniform temperature recovery Storage capacity 500 liters, 250 Bags Forced air circulation system Microprocessor Monitor : Audio/Visual Alarms, Temp. Display, Data Storage & Printing System Multipane vacuumed glass door and frame eliminates condensation & fogging CFC free refrigerants and noise free compressor (hermetically Sealed) Exterior St. Steel/Interior St. Steel Details Inner chamber of high grade 304 st. Steel outer powder coated. Capacity 100 Litres Nett. (Vertical / Horizontal. Temperautre range -30oC to -40oC (+2oC). Ambient temp. Alert built in (settable). Double door having 5 nos. Compartments c individual door of each for 300 liters & above. Low noise level < 45 Ã��Ã�¢Ã�¯Ã�¿Ã�½Ã�¯Ã�¿Ã�½ 50 db. Password protected temperature display & control system. Battery back up of 10 hours in case of power fail. Blood Collection Monitor Wed, 24 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Blood Collection Monitor is a precious commodity. Every donation must be handled with great care, ensuring optimal safety and comfort for the donor. To provide Centers with equipment that meets their requirements, INSIGNIA develops and manufactures reliable, innovative blood collection monitors. It can be powered from main (AC — 220 V) or re-chargeable battery. BM-35X is a compact, reliable, autonomous multi-purpose mixer ideal for both stationery and mobile collection. Feature : Programme initial volume or weight of blood to draw. (Preselected volumes 350m1/450m1 or any volume upto 1000m1 in ml increment). Continually agitates the blood bag while it is being filled at 15 R.P.M. with Motor Activated Clamp.Displays the volume of blood drawn in real time. Audio/Visual alarm in case of flow problems and at end of venipuncture. Weight of Bag Taring before collection from 0 - 600 gms, with overload indication. Idle mode displays real time. Weight in grammes or volume in millilitres displayed continually. Alteration of blood volume to be collected, during PAUSE. Automatic release of bag, when lifted. Extra Large Tray contains bigger bag sizes with a provision of filter fitted bags placement. Micro controller based programme. Auto taring built in. Program initial volume or weight of blood to draw. Automatic calibration of blood bags before collection by Wt. Taring. Continually agitates the blood bag while it is being filled. Displays the volume of blood drawn in real time. Audio alarm in case of flow problems and at end of venipuncture. Alarm with Audible LED/LCD screen display. Automatically stops venipuncture by clamping the tubing at the end of preselected value. Program me the volume to be drawn according to the donor's weight. Powered from mains or battery for greater autonomy. Suitable for all types of Blood Bags. Automatic release of Bag when lifted. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES : Extra tray un breakable plastic material. Rigid Carrying cases for outdoor use. Wooden or ABS Plastic. Data Recording on Pen Drive (Optional). Compatible with computer data transfer facility (Optional). Bar code scanner compatible (Optional). HMI Touch Screen. Blood Sample Tubes Wed, 24 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0530 We are engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of very high quality Blood Sample Tubes. The range of Blood Sample Tubes available with us is designed to resist staining or blood splatter. Blood Sample Tubes, provided by us, are available in various capacities. We provide Blood Sample Tubes in other specifications as well. Highlights Blood splatter prevented Blood exposure to users prevented Needle stick injury eliminated Compatible with commonly used test tubes Phlebotomy Chair Wed, 24 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0530 The company is a trusted Manufacturer and Supplier of Phlebotomy Chair. Phlebotomy Chair is used in the process of blood donation to seat the donors. Our range of Phlebotomy Chair is highly comfortable. Our Phlebotomy Chair has adjustable height and several other features. Highlights Easy laboratory drawl Comfortable height for the patient & the paramedic 100% stainless steel construction Duly upholstered with washable material One broad 9" arm rest Suitable for all, irrespective of their heights Plasma Thawing Bath Wed, 24 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Digital Plasma Thawing Water Bath PT-100X is a precision electronic bench top valuable Equipment. Each compact thawer heats faster and takes up less space than larger, more expensive units. State of the art digital circuit and superior engineering result in maximum blood thawing efficiency, by motirized up & down movements. PTR-100X is made up of powder coated mild steel with st. steel inner chamber.   SPECIAL FEATURES Thaws plasma unit simultaneously, (Cap. 4/6/8/12 bags). Thaws standard size plasma as well as cryoprecipitate, bags. Time setting for each two bag location. Two bags St. Steel holder. Separate electronic circuit prevents overheating of water. Low water level display. Alarm sound for all fault conditions. Compact Size - saves valuable bench space. Quick Heating of water with in 60 mins. Simple to operate-easy to read LED & LCD displays. Light weight - easy to carry. Audio completion signal. Water inlet & speedy outlet system. Motorized removable St. Steel Trays for holding Plasma Bags. Maintains water temperature at 37°C ± 1°C. St. Steel shelves hold plasma bags upto 8 units. Fully automatic control system, Microprocessor displays Time & Temperature. Water Inlet & Speedy Outlet system, with low water level display. Alarm : Temperature deviation, Completion of Thawing. Temp. Records printing system (optional). Top closing cover st. steel & plexiglass as standard.   OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Attachment of a Printer for obtaining Temperature records with Date & Time. Overwraps:Packsize(10x1x100nos.) Portable Blood Donor Lounge Wed, 24 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0530 We are a Manufacturer and Supplier of a very high quality range of Portable Blood Donor Lounge. The variety of Portable Blood Donor Lounge provided by us differs in size, shape and height. We provide Portable Blood Donor Lounge keeping in mind the comfort of users. Our Portable Blood Donor Lounge is available in many specifications. Highlights Seat, head rest & arm rest can be adjusted to the phlebotomy postures Electro-mechanical control of movements enables head high/low position Suitable height for convenience of phlebotomist Remote switch can be connected at the head & foot end for easy repositioning Lockable castors for easy mobility Swing in/out cushioned & broad arm rests 100% stainless steel framing & hardware Dust-resistant upholstery & punishment proof laminates RF Tube Sealer Wed, 24 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Details : Produces Hermetic Seal. Radio Frequency Sealing. Heavy Duty Bench Top Sealer. 40.68 Mhz / 20 Watt. Power. Easy Access to Electrodes for Cleaning. Weight 4 kgs. Radio frequency sealing : The radio frequency waves generated by an optimally designed circuitary. Designed to Ensure safety against electrical shock hazards, fire hazards, mechanical hazards, electro magnetic field hazards etc. No haemolysis of blood in the tube segments as radio frequency sealing heats only the tube and not the blood inside. Easy separation of tube segments after sealing Produces a hermetic seal hence no contamination. Equipped with SMPS ensures that the output voltage remains constant at a set voltage. irrespective of the input voltage. Hence, the seal quality remains the same irrespective of voltage fluctuations. Easy to clean, as the electrodes are easily accessible. Cabinet made of Aluminium, (powder coated), after clearing by 7-tank process. Withstands wear and tear and corrosion owing to continuous use year after year. Made of imported CE and UL marked components. No warm-up time required. Heavy Duty Bench Top tube sealer. RH View Box Wed, 24 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0530 System Description : Comes with a soft fluorescent, glare-free light that provides excellent uniform slide illumination and a temperature indicator that easily and accurately monitors the viewing area and regulates the temperature to compensate for ambient temperature changes (range 45° C to 50° C). Has a built-in temperature indicator for easy and accurate monitoring of the viewing area. Slides can reach a temperature of 37° C to 39° C in 2 - 5 minutes, depending on ambient eliminating heating-up time. The viewing area temperature automatically adjusts for any ambient temperature. Housing, pivotally supported in a frame. Meets the Rh slide test standards set by the AABB. Applications : Blood typing. Rh determinations. Warming slides for Gram's strain. Tissue typing. Reading enzyme antibody screens in microplates. Specifications : Built-in temperature indicator for easy, accurate monitoring of viewing area. Viewing area temperature adjusts easily to compensate for ambient temperature changes. (Range : 35° C to 37°C) Rh slide reaches temperature of 37° in five minutes, eliminating wasted heat up time. Soft, fluorescent, glare-free light provides uniform illumination of slide contents. View box can be gently rocked using large knob on support cradle. Sturdy, easy-to-clean Metallic Powder compact case. Utilizes minimal bench space. Meets Rh slide test standards set by the AABB. Unit conveniently includes three-wire cord and plug. Blood typing Rh determinations Warming slides for gram-strain Tissue typing Reading enzyme antibody screens in microplate Compact Slide-Warmer Soft, L.E.D., glare-free light Built-in temperature indicator & control Light intensity 5000 Lux. Blood Plasma Cryoprecipitate Bath Wed, 24 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0530 We offer Blood Plasma Cryoprecipitate Bath (refrigerated) ptr-100x. Essential blood banking equipment for preparation of cryo at 4 deg.c.   Feature : Maintains water temperature at 37°C i 2°C & +4°C i 2°C. Plastic shelves hold plasma bags upto 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 units. Fully automatic control system. Auto water Inlet & Outlet system, with low water level display. Alarm: Temperature deviation, Completion of Thawing.Temp. Records printing system (optional). Top closing cover of st. steel as standard.Timer built in for individual compartment for upto 8 units. Single Settable timer for 10, 12, 15, 20 units. Laboratory Refrigerator Thu, 25 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0530 To make payment procedures crystal clear and secured as well, we have trustworthy employees and they make certain that the transactions are done keeping in mind the guidelines and clients' convenience. Our well-structured warehouse is the reason behind the safety of the products we offer. Moreover, we have installed advanced amenities essential for the safe storage of the lot. Blood Donor Couch Wed, 24 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Electrically operated, Castors builtin . Head Low & Foot High in case of Vasovagal attacks , Broad Cushioned Arm Rests which can move IN/Out & Up/Down .Thick Comfortable Washable Cushion for Donor Comfort . Stainless steel Hardware used. Centrifuge Counter Balance Wed, 24 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0530 CENTRIFUGE BALANCE CB-30X is a specially designed electronic differential scale for a particular use in a Blood Bank. It measures two weights simultaneously and displays individual weight with-in-seconds. The first step in plasma separation from the whole blood is loading of blood bags in high speed centrifuge machine. Before loading the blood bags, the weights of the two loads (each blood bag + bucket) have to be balanced in such a way that their weights should be the same or very close to each other. This is a vital step of plasma separation process to save expensive centrifuge machine. By conventional methods the process of balancing is time consuming, inaccurate and cumbersome. CB-30X makes whole process of balancing with-in-few seconds with high accuracy. The only way to save expensive centrifuge machine from damage, resulting out of imbalanced, buckets. SPECIFICATIONS : Has two independent weight sensors, which displays individual weight of each bucket with high degree of accuracy. Individual display monitor to display the weight of each bucket with blood bags. Accurate LED weight indicator gets ON as soon as the two plates get balanced. This can be achieved early by adding few weight chips to the lighter side. One Graphical LCD display as standard Power 220-240 VAC. (Power adapter used) Balanced weight Alarm Accurate, simple and easy to use SMPS Power Supply. Two Buckets measures separately. Weight measure upto 3000 gms. & volume measure upto 3000 ml. (accuracy +2gms.) One LCD display. Balanced weight Audio & Visual alarm. Taring Switch Built in. Calibration Port Built in. Protective cover to safe gaurd accidental extra weight. BRC-360X Blood Storage Cabinets Fri, 26 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Assistance of diligent professionals and modern packaging facility give our clients and us a win-win situation at the time of tailored packaging requirements. In order to produce quality products, we make use of superior grade raw materials. Our quality auditors strictly check the raw materials against varied quality parameters before procurement. Ultra Low Temperature Freezer (ULF Series) Fri, 26 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0530 We sternly keep a check on the designing and manufacturing of products and ensure that the material is strictly procured from the leading names only. The raw material is examined on the grounds of quality to deliver finest range of products. We are supported by a well-structured warehousing unit that is spacious and installed with all required amenities. We ensure complete safety of the products by storing them in our warehouse. BRC-361X Blood Storage Cabinets Fri, 26 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Insignia Medical Refrigeration systems are available in eight sizes, with storage capacities of 100 to 1400 litres. All Medical Refrigerators are designed to meet strict requirements established by the AABB, ANRC and FDA for storage of whole blood, diagnostics, Pharmaceuticals, vaccines & blood components. Each model provides rapid temperature recovery and superior 4°C temperature uniformity of refrigerated blood. These refrigerators are superior to domestic refrigerators which are not recommended for life science or laboratory applications. Medical Storage Cabinets include monitor systems. The New Degital Microprocessor control offers exclusive state of the art features that help blood bankers maintain blood under safe conditions.Storage Cabinets with Triple Vacummed Glass door, having lock & sturdy handles.   Details : Adjustable & Extendable Drawers with Plastic Trays (optional) for Blood Storage only. Uniform Temperature Recovery. Storage capacity from 100 Litres - 1400 Litres. Forced Air Circulation system. Microprocessor Monitor : AudioNisual Alarms, Temp. Display, Data Storage & Printing system. Multipane vaccumed glass door and Frame eliminates condensation &fogging. CFC Free Refrigerants and noise Free compressor. (Hermetically Sealed) Exterior G.I. Powder Coated/Interior St. Steel 304. (Exterior Stainless Steel Optional) Internal fan switched off, when door opened. Battery back up of upto 24 hrs. T.R.C.U.   Visual Displays Power Status Defrosting Battery Status Sensor Date/Time/Year   Audio/Visual Displays Door Open Low Battery Power Fail Temperature Deviation DC-80X Blood Donor Couch Wed, 24 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0530 DC-80X is a Blood Collection donor chair with Two Actutators. DC-80X adjusts to a Blood donor position. Even like a comfortable chair. Moves electronically from armchair to full recliner with comfortable blood donation position. Best of all, this chair folds up like traditional patio recliners and can be shifted anywhere in blood donation room. Progressively adjustable from sitting to doctor recommended, zero gravity reclining. The DC-80X chair has easy to use levers under armrests for locking in your desired position. The poly vinyl cushion make this chair ultra-comfortable while the solid mild steel frame makes it extremely strong Et sturdy. Highly elegant and comfortable armrest can be adjusted on both sides of the armrest for donor comfort and venepuncture. DC 80X is build with high grade mild stainless steel, to reduce the risk of breakage. Two electrically operated Actutators lowers back ir feet portions with a press of a button. (Battery model optional at extra cost) DC-100X Blood Donor Couch Wed, 24 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0530 DC-100X Blood Donor Couch is a completely automatic enveloping, variable tilt chair. DC-100X wax specifically designed to make blood withdrawals easier, safe and functional, and it then turned to be perfect also for other diagnostic and therapeutic areas. The possibility to taking a semi orthopneic position, which is undoubtedly preferred by patients or blood donors compared with the dorsal position lying on a bed makes long blood transfusion chemotherapeutical or hemodialysis session more bearable. Immediate position shift, In case of lipothymia a light pressure on the control button makes the whole chair immediately slide along its transversal axis, thus lowering the head and raising the legs, in a moderate Trandeleburg position. As a consequence it favours a rapid blood flow to the brain districts and an immediate recovery from the lipothymial state. Slowly and gradually the position is then brought back to the initial semi-seated and then upright position, in order to avoid orthostatic hypotension events. DC-100X can be equipped with a practical I.V.rod, with a height-ad-justable hook, that can be easily installed on both sides. These characteristics make the DC-100X couch the ideal solution for Blood Transfusion, Diagnostic Analysis lab and Day Hospitals. II-10X Blood Bank Incubator Wed, 24 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0530 PE-20X Plasma Expressor Wed, 24 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Details : Mechanical Accessory for Transferring of Plasma to the satellite bags. Suitable to extract blood components (Plasma and platelets) from all types of Blood Bag systems available in the market. Front panel spring loaded o exert uniform pressure on plastic blood bags for transfer of blood components. Compression plate made of durable transparent acrylic material 8 mm thick. Metal used for equipment non-corrosive and can be cleaned with disinfectant. Base and vertical portion of the equipment body powder coated and sturdy enough to hold the blood bags in vertical position. Compartment provided at the back to contain satellite bags.Storage Box built in to contain clips & other accessories. Light embedded in the acrylic plate to ensure a view of complete transfer of plasma (Optional). PE-30X Plasma Expressor Wed, 24 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Details : Automatic clamping on detection of Red Cells without plasma contamination. Spring loaded equipment exerting uniform pressure on blood filled bags, for ease of separation. Built-in buzzer for indicating completion. Can be connected in series for multiple units with one mains power source. Electrically operated on AC 220Volts / 50 Hz. S.M.P.S. based equipment. Light detection sensors embedded to disallow passing of red cells. Ultra Low Temperature Deep Freezer (UDF Series) Fri, 26 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0530 The Ultra-deep Temperature Freezer offers a wide variety of research and storage applications, such as low temperature scientific experiments, preservation of red blood plasma, white blood cell, skin, bone, bacteria, semen, biomedical product, ocean product, electronic devices, and low temperature testing of special materials. It is suitable for blood banks, hospital, sanitation and antiepidemic stations, electronic industries, university laboratories, defence applications.Advanced refrigeration system assures unprecedented reliability for critical storage applications. Two semi-hermetic imported compressors connected through cascade refrigeration system configued for ultra-low freezers, and scientifically matched for motor size and displacement required for efficient operation. Refrigerants are formulated to achieve design operating temperatures by cooling the load as well as the system components. Seperated inner and outer doors prevent cold air leakage and promote excellent heat insulation.Microprocess ControlInsignia freezer is simple to use yet sophistcated in performance. Features include direct digital setpoint and display, a keyed power and alarm switch, and touchpad data entry for adjustable temperature and alarm settings. Audlble and visual alarms notify user of deviation beyond adjustable high & low parameters. Extreme Ambiet Temp Alarm with indication High & Low Temp. Alarm with indication (Optional) Power Fail alarm with indication Low battery alarm with indication Clean filter alarm with indication (Optional) Door open alarm with indication Voltage boost facility built-in Remote Alarm connection built-in.  Details : Triple point gasket for No cooling loss. Two lockable doors. Cascade refrigeration system (-86°C). CFC Free PUF Insulation. Printing system for temp records as standard, in all models WB-100X Blood Bank Incubator Wed, 24 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0530