DC-100X Blood Donor Couch

DC-100X Blood Donor Couch is a completely automatic enveloping, variable tilt chair. DC-100X wax specifically designed to make blood withdrawals easier, safe and functional, and it then turned to be perfect also for other diagnostic and therapeutic areas. The possibility to taking a semi orthopneic position, which is undoubtedly preferred by patients or blood donors compared with the dorsal position lying on a bed makes long blood transfusion chemotherapeutical or hemodialysis session more bearable.

Immediate position shift, In case of lipothymia a light pressure on the control button makes the whole chair immediately slide along its transversal axis, thus lowering the head and raising the legs, in a moderate Trandeleburg position. As a consequence it favours a rapid blood flow to the brain districts and an immediate recovery from the lipothymial state. Slowly and gradually the position is then brought back to the initial semi-seated and then upright position, in order to avoid orthostatic hypotension events.

DC-100X can be equipped with a practical I.V.rod, with a height-ad-justable hook, that can be easily installed on both sides.
These characteristics make the DC-100X couch the ideal solution for Blood Transfusion, Diagnostic Analysis lab and Day Hospitals.


Dimension 72" x 24" W x 48" H
Lifting capacity Upto 200 kg
Gross Weight 90 kg
Operation 200 V AC, greared motor 0 operations fuction - remte control
Arm Rest Swing in / swing out, Up / Down
Scope 8 delivery Remote switch / 2 arm rests / head rest